“Copy Menu” First WordPress Plugin Ever

Hey Friends,

Today i released my first wordpress plugin & i am really very excited to share with you details about it..its called “Copy Menu” which enables you to duplicate menu in wordpress backend.

So, the plugin creates a page in backend, which shows a drop down menu and an input field, you can select which menu to duplicate and just give it a name and then click on submit button, all done, you are now having a copied menu with a new name.

The idea came into my mind when i need to create a menu with some minor change in existing menu in one of my client site & to use at some other place, menu was quite long and i need to create it from scratch, which i dont like, then i have started some research on it and finally created a plugin of my own.

So guys, check out Menu Duplicator & dont forget to leave your reviews on same.
Hope i will develop few more plugins which is helpful for some one and contribute to the community 🙂


Hello Friends

Hello Friends..A Warm Welcome to all of you on my blog, Myself Swayam Tejwani a website developer basically works on PHP,Mysql. From the past 2 year i am developing websites based on wordpress and it was a nice experience working in wordpress though till now!!  I will share my working what i have learned in wordpress till now and also hoping to explore new things from the Visitors of my blog  ;).HAPPY BLOGGING